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Aug 10, 2006 Hey Mates

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Hey Mates

Thursday Aug 10, 2006 03:25:00 AM

I had a great day today, jumpin off the side of the giant water dish me mum calls a swimmin pool and doin the dog paddle to the swim out. Mum said she was swimmin laps, but I don't quite get that: I done me laps-- drank about a quart of pool water. I didn't see Mum swallow anything. She just kept swimmin back and forth from end to end until the spider dropped in the water in front of her. Then she yelled and got out. I walked with me mates, Ginny and Abby and Mum and Da after we had toast and biscuits. Ginny kept goin after them silly lizards, so I had to help Da keep her in line by nippin her butt a few times. Later Mum took us all in the car to that place that gives out biscuits in that funny plastic tube thing. She calls it a bank. It's a fair dunkim place. She puts little pieces of paper in the tube and pushes a button. The tube goes away and comes back again with another piece of paer and biscuits in it! I climbed out the window to be the first to get the biscuits. I was. too. I'm a bit tired tonight from me bum hip, so I'm nappin instead of chasing after the ball as I like to do whenever Mum tries to watch TV instead of pay attention to me. Oh well, tomorrow's another day. Ta, Chili

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