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I Love James!

Sunday Feb 11, 2007 10:24:00 PM

For some reason, I love boys! Not male dogs or puppies, but male human beings. Well, I don't know why my tail can't stop waggling every time a guy comes and visits C. I think I'm a flirt by nature :)

James visited C on Saturday night and he stayed over night here. James loves me since the first time we met. I think we're in love with each other :)

I got sick the last few days. I think I got too exhausted after playing with Miskiyah. C has told her now not to play too much with me. Well... It's not all her fault since she didn't like me the first time I came here, but now she really cares for me and feels like playing with me all the time. I should know my limit, but hey, I'm just a two-months-old puppy...

C was so sad when I got sick. She let me sleep in her room. I got fever and flu. She gave me Panadol for children, but it didn't help - so she brought me to see a vet on Saturday morning. I got jabbed and it was really hurtful :(

I don't really like the dry lamb and rice puppy's food anymore. I don't feel like eating when it's the only meal that's served for me. So C now added some puppy's canned food on my meal and she mixed it with that boring dry food. It tastes good! The smell gets me hungry all the time.

I'm getting lazy now since I got sick and all I wanna do is just laying down and being cuddled. Oh, I also LOVE posing in front of camera. I don't even blink when my pictures were being taken this afternoon. Hehe.

Last but not least, I wanna thank you for y'all that have left me bones. Now I'm going to catch up my beauty sleep...

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